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We came home to water flooding our living room from an outdoor pipe that bursted after the winter storm, and we had to shut off water for a couple days. We had trouble finding a plumber, but we finally found Nate from Columbia River Contracting who was available on short notice. He was responsive and kind from the start. After a quick assessment he was able to find and fix the source of our plumbing issue with minimal impact. I appreciated his thoughtfulness too - at first he wanted to fix the outdoor pipe from the exterior wall to minimize repairs, but since we have a gas pipe outside too, he changed the plan to fix it from the inside. Nate made a clean opening of the drywall, kept the space clean, obtained parts quickly, and finished the repair effectively. I'd recommend Columbia River Contracting to my friends and neighbors too!

Skye Anna Lei

Nate did an awesome job fixing our double sink. The pipes were getting disconnected causing terrible leaks when using the garbage disposal or heavily using the faucet. Nate re-did the pipes under the sink, was professional and worked efficiently. Would contact him again and recommend to others.

Krissy Hernandez

We had a leaking kitchen faucet and also wanted our garbage disposal switched to the dump sink side of our sink. The original contractor put it on the wrong side and said it wouldn't fit on the other side. We got several bids and. Ate from Columbia River Contracting responded promptly. His bid was within the range we expected and our budget. He realized the disposal needed an extension piece to connect to the sink. Turns out the leak was due to the original contractor putting plumbing in wrong as well. Nate corrected the piping and no more leaks! Love having the disposal on the correct side of sink! Nate made sure we were happy and everything was working as it should and encouraged us to call if there were any problems. He also did some extra work we requested to check our HVAC air ducts and insulation in crawl space and attic. Again his price was fair and his work was timely. He was neat and clean as well with no mess left behind. I would highly recommend him. He is quite experienced and capable of doing many jobs needed around the home. He is also very personable and respectful. When we are ready we are thinking of having him install new flooring in kitchen and family room. He's quite a talented guy!

Rita Williams

Nate was professional and had the best price. He was prompt and did a very thorough job. We could not be happier. I would definitely recommend Columbia River Contracting.

Nancy Scott